Our menu reflects Auvergne's regional gastronomy. It evolve with the seasons and fresh ingredients we discover every day at the market. We aim to meet all desires and propose traditional dishes and flavors from Auvergne: our famous Aligot purée, charcuteries and cheeses, delicious suggestions, for all appetites !


... Starters ...

Ambassade d'Auvergne, Salmon filet marinated in Sesame, black Garlic grout, spring mini vegetables

Garden Pea creamy soup, with Goat cheese & Sauvage Salmon Eggs 10

Warm green lentils salad with bacon strips 10
(our original recipe since 1966)

“Galabar” Black pudding on a pie, with onion Jam, Granny Smith Spicy Dumpling 12

Charcuterie selection, plate for one 12 /large to share 18

Auvergnese Ham from Maison Laborie 14

Salmon filet marinated in Sesame, black Garlic grout, spring mini vegetables 14

Homemade duck liver pâté, house style 18

  • Glass of Sauternes, 8cl, 8€

... Main courses ...

Ambassade d'Auvergne, Veal sweetbread, celeriac risotto, green asparagus & morels cream

The Veggy, freshly cooked seasonal vegetables 17

Country sausage & Aligot 18

Roast duck breast & Aligot 21

Char (Lake fish) filet, spring onion, artichoke purée & wild garlic pistou 22

Duck on a pie, confit, smoke breast, Foie Gras 23

Veal sweetbread, celeriac risotto, green asparagus & morels cream 25

Pan fried beef steak, Marrowbone & Aligot 27

Suckling Lamb Leg, “ Allaiton d’Aveyron ” 32

Large Veal Rib from Ségala for two, Aligot 72

You want your Aligot with Truffle, supplement 4,5
Extra charge for Aligot or Salad :
as additional garnish, 4.5, served as a plate 9

... Desserts ...

Like a Charlotte, Stawberry, rhubarb & Pistachio

Cheeses from the Auvergne Mountains 13

Assortment of Ice-cream and Sorbets 9

Crème brulée – Billom black garlic flavour 10

The famous Ambassade’s Chocolate mousse 10

Like a Charlotte, Stawberry, rhubarb & Pistachio 12

My House Special “Ginette pancake” 12

Dessert of the day with nice fruits from Rodez Market, on the black board 12

Coffee with dessert samples 10 … with a Tea, 11 with a Prune digestive (2cl) 13

Glass of dessert wines 8cl, 8€
Maury Mas Amiel 15 ans or Muscat de Rivesaltes

Auvergne Flavour 3 courses 33 €

Goat cheese crusty pancake, salad
Or Warm green lentils, and bacon
Or Bougnat Regional Salad

Homemade Leg Duck Confit & Potatoes
Or Country sausage & Aligot
Or Special of the Day (week only)

« T de l’Aubrac » flavour Crème brulée
Or Chocolate mousse
Or Chef’s Dessert Suggestion

Lunch: Menu with Starter/Main course or Main course/Dessert 22,50 €

(during the week - except on public holidays)

Starter & Main or Main & Dessert
as per the blackboard


Home Made : All our meats are cooked on demand by our chef Emmerich De Backer and his team, using only selected products from specialist suppliers in Auvergne regional farms member of the Collège Culinaire de France 

Our dishes may contain common allergens. A list of potential, common allergens is available on demand from our staff. List of all our supplier is available on the french menu.

Please share your experiences with us, our Livre d’Or (Guest Book) is available at the entrance for your comments, remarks and any advice