Our menu reflects Auvergne's regional gastronomy. It evolve with the seasons and fresh ingredients we discover every day at the market. We aim to meet all desires and propose traditional dishes and flavors from Auvergne: our famous Aligot purée, charcuteries and cheeses, delicious suggestions, for all appetites !



... Seasonnal appetizers ...


Warm Puy Lentils salad, “since 1966…” 10

Eggplant caviar & fresh tome cromesquis with hazelnut cake 12

Pan-fried chanterelle mushrooms, sliced ​​coche ham, gravy 14

On the plate, as an aperitif board to share with 2 or 3, assortment of cold meats from our regions 14/20/25


... The meat ...


Parlan & Aligot Sausage 19

Duck breast from the plains of Limagne & aligot 22

Salers beef tartare with a knife, Laguiole shavings 25

Pavé de Salers & Aligot, bone marrow & fleur de sel 27

Depending on availability, the beautiful ribs to share,Veal from Ségala or Beef from Salers, accompanied by aligot 72 Aligot supplement with truffles 4.5

... The fish ...


Sea bass fillet with green anise, eggplant and artichoke caviar, oak lentins 23

... The vegetarian dish ...


The large plate of cooked seasonal vegetables 17

... Desserts ...


Our mountain cheese plate 13

Our “famous” chocolate mousse 10

Billom Black Garlic Creme Brulee 11

Fig, arlette with spices & praline cream 12

Ice cream & sorbet trio Terre Adélice 10

The trio of "gourmet" desserts, with a coffee 10 a Tea or an Infusion of Amaya 11, an Auvergne Plum (2cl) 13

Every midday during the week, Lunch on the go

Inspiration of the day from chef Emmerich de Backer,
dish accompanied by a glass of wine or a gourmet coffee 22.50

Every thursday evening of september

Parlan sausage, aligot at will, chocolate mousse 25 € per person excluding drinks


The 1st Wednesday of each month,
"The canteen of bougnats"

Evening return to the country with a unique regional menu at 30 €, on the restaurant floor, friendly and musical atmosphere

October 7

Puy green lentil salad, stuffed cabbage millefeuille, flaugnarde with pears

November 4

pounti with prunes, Cantal pork stew, apple pump

December 2

cabbage soup, tripoux de la Naucelloise, chestnut cake

aperitifs, wines and liqueurs of Auvergne to discover on the menu


A taste of Auvergne € 35

From Monday to Saturday lunch

Warm green lentils, and bacon

Goat cheese on a toast, honey & salad
Or Warm green lentils, and bacon
Or Jerusalem Artihoke creamy soup 

Country sausage & Aligot

Duck Confit Shepherd’s Pie
Or Country sausage & Aligot
Or Special of the Day (upon availabillity)

Chocolate mousse

Safron flavour Crème brulée
Or Chocolate mousse
Or Chef’s Dessert Suggestion

Lunch special 22,50 €

During the week – excluding days off

Starter & Main OR Main & Dessert 

Warm green lentils, and bacon

Warm green lentils, and bacon
Or Regional soup 

 Special of the Day, upon availabillity

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse
Or Safron flavour Crème brulée


(during the week - except on public holidays)

Starter & Main or Main & Dessert
as per the blackboard


Home Made : All our meats are cooked on demand by our chef Emmerich De Backer and his team, using only selected products from Auvergne regional farms and Collège Culinaire de France specialist suppliers.

List of all our supplier is available on the french menu.

Our dishes may contain common allergens.
A list of potential, common allergens is available on demand from our staff.

Please share your experiences with us, our Livre d’Or (Guest Book) is available at the entrance for your comments, remarks and any advice

Payment by cash or credit card – taxes & service included – no change in our menu