L’Ambassade d’Auvergne opened its doors in 1966, initiated by Mr and Mrs Petrucci after important renovation work of an old XVIIth building near Les Halles in Paris. The brand is much more older itself, because we can find intermittently tracks of an inn at the same place during the inter-war period and even in the XIXth century!

From its reopening, in a glorious setting and a warm atmosphere, l’Ambassade d’Auvergne offered a beautiful local cuisine, bourgeois and generous, which knew how to over the years develop loyalty of the customers, friends of the family, inhabitants of the Auvergne in Paris or of the neighborhood, tourists of the whole world, occasional or returning regularly, businessmen, politicians, etc

The « house » established over the years and thanks to the quality of work of the teams in front of house and in the kitchen, became a respectable Parisian institution where we meet around the host table or in the discreet lounges for particular opportunities or convivial moments.

If the district was gradually transformed with the renovation of Les Halles, opening of the Georges Pompidou Center or the Museum Picasso, the change of the Marais, and still continues today to evolve with the new vocation of Les Bains Douches or the opening of numerous galleries of contemporary art, the soul of l’Ambassade remained accurate, authentic, generous as the warm welcome which always have been the signature of the "House".

In the middle of the 80s, Mr and Mrs Petrucci taking a deserved retirement, their daughters assured the continuity and perpetuated the family tradition, maintaining its reputation. In January 2015, Didier Desert took his turn the challenge to continue the adventure and ensure the promotion of the Auvergne in Paris, in the respect of the unchanging values of the house, the quality of products, quality of the welcome, and the warm ensation of the atmosphere.

L’Ambassade d’Auvergne is a house of tradition but also follow its time:

- A menu regularly updated to offer local dishes, illustrative of the identity of Auvergne, more in lightness to satisfy all the appetites and all the desires
- A wine list representative of the progress of the oenology and giving the best part to innovative wine growers of the various French vineyards