Faced with the Covid, new restrictions, school holidays and after having tried a lot (extended, advanced hours, take-out, farmers' market, ...) to maintain minimal activity, we must take the wise and hard decision to close temporarily the restaurant.


Back to school menu 2020

I am delighted to welcome you in our restaurant, privileged place to try the cuisine of Auvergne.

Our chef reinvent with the biggest pleasure, the beautiful recipes of Auvergne, bringing his touch of creativity and modernity.

You will enjoy a high-quality cuisine gratifying growers and artisans of this beautiful territory.

We're pleased to introduce you our new menu with our beautiful Auvergne's products, all cooked in our restaurant. Find out it.


To reconnect with the spirit of the festivals of yesteryear and immerse yourself in the flavors of childhood, the Auvergne Embassy, ​​the historic home of the Auvergnats of Paris, is launching the Cantine des Bougnats.

Every first Wednesday of the month, we will offer a unique menu around the great dishes of our local traditions: recipes in the stove as prepared by grandmothers during the festivals of yesteryear, traditional dishes of quality and typically Auvergne, in a friendly and musical atmosphere.

The opportunity for the Auvergnats and the Aveyron inhabitants of Paris, the descendants of the bougnats and those nostalgic for holidays in Auvergne, to meet with family or friends to share a stuffed cabbage, tripoux, estofi or falette - chest of 'stuffed lamb - these generous and tasty dishes, which will remind them of their origins and titillate their memories as well as their emotions.

The evening will be spent in the rooms on the first floor of the restaurant, to the rhythm of the accordion or the cabrette, and of course in compliance with the health regulations in force!



Receiving Emmanuelle Jary from the french web show "C'est meilleur quand c'est bon" to taste our specials evenings, sausage with unlimited aligot and chocolate mousse.

Places are limited, remember to reserve